Entry Title: " solar lillies"
zm architecture
, United Kingdom
Category: Professional, Products|CONCEPT
Designer(s): zmarchitecture mottmacdonald

Entry Description:

In cities all over the world there are disused water ways, canals and rivers.Often they become the focus for regeneration and for most people offer an improved quality of life and environment. Our project proposes to stimulate river activity and change by proposing that the surface is used to harness the power of solar energy on a large scale. The energy created can be easily transformed and exported to the grid and will reduce the carbon footprint of the city. The idea references large lilypads that are optimised for efficient photosynthesis, so the design is inspired by nature. They can be moved and dismantled and are simply tethered to the river bed, integrated motors can rotate the discs so their orientation to the sun is maximised
throughout the day.

This concept has been recognised at the 2007 International Design awards, and has attracted attention from agencies and organisations from Korea, Brazil, Europe and Asia.

About the Company:

Peter graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1988 with the Edinburgh Association Architectural Silver Medal and qualified as a registered Architect in 1989. London. His work has been exhibited in Copenhagen, Marseilles, St Petersburg , the Royal Academy and the RIBA in London. He worked for several notable offices on local and international projects before setting up in private practice in 1993.

Peter formed ZOO Architects in 1997 and enjoyed a notable period of production. This work culminated in the RIAS Innovative Architect of the Year Award 2000, and ZOO were shortlisted in the 2001 YAYA. In 2003-4 his practice merged to create ZM Architecture Limited and as a co director of, Peter adds a breadth of experience to the team.

specialist skills - His main responsibilities include, practice management, client care, design briefing and project delivery based on our ISO 9001 accredited Quality Business Management System. He has specialist skills in Arts buildings and sustainable design. He is involved in links between education and the building industry, and has been involved with several educational initiatives including Lighthouse programmes, and The Glasgow City Council Enterprise Challenge support scheme. He has worked with community organisations on workshop based design projects and in the classroom with primary and secondary schools.
Peter has taught widely in most Scottish Schools of Architecture, lecturing in Scotland and England on practice work. He has acted as an assessor for the Civic Trust Awards, and the Scottish Arts Council. He is a registered Appeas ARB Part 3 Professional Practice examiner.


* GreenDot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Products Category