Entry Title: " Wind Simplicity Windancer"
Category: Professional, Design and Build|Products|Other
Designer(s): Sharolyn Vettese, Alfred Mathieu

Entry Description:

Windancer Horizontal Wind Turbine 3 kW, 7kW and 23 kW

Wind Simplicity Inc., a Canadian company based in Ontario, developed the Windancer horizontal wind turbine. The Windancer won a 2007 Design Exchange Gold Award in Engineering for its unique 8-blade design that makes it compact, lightweight and virtually noise/vibration-free. Around 130 kg, and transportable on a pick-up truck, the 7 kW Windancer's small footprint means it's adaptable to urban, residential, rural and commercial use. It's suitable for under 40-foot towers without guy wires, facilitating municipal approval.

The 23 kW Windancer can be mounted on a lower tower on the side of a building or in a Wind Park Self-starting in 1-metre-per-second breeze, the direct-drive Windancer maximizes use of the wind as the engine and its immediate wind response minimizes turbulence. Its design enables it to work in ice and snow and its 9 safety features include lassoed blades and permanent lightning arrestor at the highest point.

Canadian-Safety-Authority equivalent and Toronto-Hydro approved for Ontario's net-metering program, the Windancer is visible to birds, enables users to advertise environmental leadership via colour customization, and is a movable asset.

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