Entry Title: " Wind Simplicity Windancer"
Wind Simplicity Inc.
, Canada
Category: Professional, Design and Build|Products|Other
Designer(s): Sharolyn Vettese, Alfred Mathieu

Entry Description:

Windancer Horizontal Wind Turbine 3 kW, 7kW and 23 kW

Wind Simplicity Inc., a Canadian company based in Ontario, developed the Windancer horizontal wind turbine. The Windancer won a 2007 Design Exchange Gold Award in Engineering for its unique 8-blade design that makes it compact, lightweight and virtually noise/vibration-free. Around 130 kg, and transportable on a pick-up truck, the 7 kW Windancer's small footprint means it's adaptable to urban, residential, rural and commercial use. It's suitable for under 40-foot towers without guy wires, facilitating municipal approval.

The 23 kW Windancer can be mounted on a lower tower on the side of a building or in a Wind Park Self-starting in 1-metre-per-second breeze, the direct-drive Windancer maximizes use of the wind as the engine and its immediate wind response minimizes turbulence. Its design enables it to work in ice and snow and its 9 safety features include lassoed blades and permanent lightning arrestor at the highest point.

Canadian-Safety-Authority equivalent and Toronto-Hydro approved for Ontario's net-metering program, the Windancer is visible to birds, enables users to advertise environmental leadership via colour customization, and is a movable asset.

About the Company:

Father-daughter team Dr. Alfred Mathieu and Sharolyn Vettese, combined their skills and knowledge to develop the Windancers unique features. Skilled in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Mathieu grew up around windmills. Ms Vettese environmental activist, avid eco gardener and poet, developed an understanding of wind mechanics in her involvement in the development of Torontos North York Centre, an urban wind corridor. A chance encounter with a falling Samara seed was her inspiration for the blades. The Windancer's design is also based on the whale and the hawk.


* GreenDot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Other Category