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Entry Title: " PowerLock"
Product Solutions
, Hong Kong
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): Dara Vaughan, Mike Jerome, Kevin O'Doherty, Billy Liu, JP Zhang, Hyomi Kim, Emily Lai, Kris So, Por Lee

Entry Description:

PowerLock is a unique solution to resolve traveler's problems with an environmental twist. PowerLock simply combines a few functions to help travel light while using method of alternative energy:

Travel Light: One luggage tag can charge mobile phones, MP3, cameras and etc. by charging with solar power. Therefore traveler do not need to bring additional adaptors that fits different countries.
Free power: Instead of charging with electricity. Traveler can enjoy the convenience of sun power wherever they travels. Simply charge up the PowerLock and plug it to their electronic devices.
Security: PowerLock is equipped with a combination lock to provide traveler a peace in mind. Simply set up password and lock the luggage .
Labeling: Tag provides a reusable labeling area for travelers to label their luggage. Part of their personal information are hidden until label is pulled put.
Portable Juice: PowerLock is a free power storage unit for bringing power on-the-go. The product is intended to use anytime when portable juice is needed.
Personalization: The tag itself is created for easy personalization, slot where pictures or graphic can be insert.

About the Company:

Established for 12 years, headquartered in Hong Kong with a satellite studio in London, Product Solutions is an International Design and Development Consultancy, fortified with Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Teams. From our strategic geographical location in Hong Kong, our range of creation services allows a comprehensive development programme.
On behalf of many of our international clients, we often become Your scalable local resource. The team is multinational, currently composed of 8 nationalities, offering an international perspective on design and product development. We are process driven, and result focused.


* 2009 Green Dot Awards - 3rd Place Winner - Concept Category