Entry Title: " Mission Motors "
, United States
Category: Professional, Transportation
Designer(s): Yves Behar, Nick Cronan, Noah, Matt Swinton, Josh Morenstein

Entry Description:

The Mission ONE is the fastest production electric motorcycle in the world. It has a top speed of 150 miles per hour, and can travel over 150 miles per charge, all with zero emissions.
Unlike current available electronic cycles, Mission is focused on performance, utilizing the abundant, constant torque and smooth acceleration characteristics of electric power to full effect.

- Overcoming a silent ride.
No gas means no noise. Gone is the rumble of the engine, the rumbling vibration, the need to shift, or the smoking exhaust. There is no clutch, no carburetor, no cylinder block. In short, everything the gearhead motorcycle community fetishizes no longer exists. We had to redefine the riding experience in a way that feels exciting and new, not as if something is missing.

- Balancing Innovation and Tradition
Interviews with riders and industry leaders convinced us that to succeed, the company identity and bike design must strike a delicate balance between innovation and tradition. It must be innovative and express the excitement and promise of the new technology, yet not too much so that the experience feels like science fiction, inauthentic, or disconnected from the greater heritage of performance motorcycling.

- Define What an Electric Bike Looks Like
Much of what people associate with traditional sportbikes no longer applies to an electric motorcycle the gas tank, exhaust pipe, engine block, etc. Given that these elements are no longer part of the equation, what are the prominent elements that will become the new visual icons of the emerging electric motorcycle category? We needed to balance evolution and revolution.

Authenticity + Innovation
The Mission ONE reinvents the modern sport bike without alienating existing riders. The Mission brand and Mission ONE sportbike achieved an appealing balance between authenticity (connecting to existing gasoline motorcycle heritage) and innovation (a new look and feel that conveys the excitement of new technology). The resulting design feels like the next evolution in motorcycling looking forward to the future, yet firmly rooted in authentic sportbike culture.

A New Riding Experience
The Mission ONE provides an entirely new riding experience, completely different from traditional gas powered cycles. There is no shifting, belching exhaust or rumbling engine, just the pure experience of speed. Riders come away remembering only the feeling of flight the bike, the road, and slicing cleanly through air.

Benchmark-setting Performance
The Mission ONEs electric motor provides smooth, abundant torque right off, capable of accelerating the rider from 0-100 mph in just 5 seconds. Existing gas sportbikes typically dont achieve their peak torque until 8-10,000 RPM. In addition to gut-wrenching torque, the Mission One has adjustable traction control for better handling, and regenerative deceleration and braking, allowing the bike to recapture power as it slows down.

A New Level of Customization and Control
Mission ONE riders can plug their bike into a laptop and adjust performance characteristics to their riding style, such as the regenerative breaking levels and acceleration characteristics, as well as download stats and records of their rides. Riders can switch on the fly between preset modes such as race, highway, and city riding.

Iconic Design, from the Inside Out
Traditional motorcycle design is based on functional elements of gas-powered engines. The elimination of a combustion engine required us to rethink traditional design cues and establish a new paradigm. The sold state nature of the batteries no longer required gearboxes, crankshafts and cylinder heads, and a new iconic design language had to be created, based upon this new technical paradigm.

Rigorously Detailed
The frames triangular lattice of steel and aluminum is reflected on the bikes exterior using small triangular cutouts and debossed patterns. The pattern allows for reduction of the overall weight of the body panels; on the top surface, this same pattern cools the riders chest when in the tuck position.
LED head and taillights utilize sweeping animations to highlight the Mission ONEs advanced technology. The LED taillight combines brake light and turn signals into one, eliminating superfluous parts. In keeping with Missions goal of energy efficiency, LED lighting uses less energy, glows brighter, and virtually lasts forever.

Clean Power in a Dirty Category
The new Mission strategy resulted in a performance motorcycle with zero emissions, unlike traditional gasoline bikes that surprisingly typically emit more pollutants and CO2 per mile than cars.

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* 2009 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Transportation Category
* 2010 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Design Category
* 2010 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Products Category
* 2011 Green Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Product Category
* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Industrial Products Category
* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 3rd Place Winner - Residential Products Category
* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 3rd Place Winner - Public Products Category
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