Entry Title: " DECOBRICK"
, Turkey
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Entry Description:


Buildings made using cheap PET moulds have captured the imagination of eco sensitivity .Since the designers have been to worked other examples of recycled trash being used as building materials. One of the new concern what people call d-ecological bricks (ladrillos deco ecolgicos) everyone seems or used to differ on just what constitutes one.

The Idea is very simple and clear, Think about the million and million disposable plastic tea, coffee cups or numerous plastic pack pieces are used and trough it any away finished their life cycles. Some lucky ones are re-cycle too. Can we create a new sustainable method and design to use this huge plastic group in a more effective ways?
If 4-6 pieces used plastic unit were collect and put in a very simple mould system design and every one can easily create 3-d brick systems. Then ever one can easily create unlimited variation of d-eco brick applications and used in an eco sensitive manners.

The principle of the idea is very simple,

Create a new area in re-usage of the waste (plastic parts) in a new effective ways.
Create new opportunities in carbon free and eco-decorating in building production.
Create a huge potential for the customers in do-it your self decorating in green world.
Create a new perspective for simple production methods for under developed societies
No need to expert work and education to produced.
Have huge alternative of site-applications, like on wall, ground or basement applications, in the pools etc.

With these systems customers can create more and more green walls and yards to reduce the carbon rates. Also heat prevention will directly improve too.
You can create a new d-eco brick every day.

The system has 4 used caps and chipboard mould basement. You can use mould system at least in two different ways. The one is more textured (exterior) and the second way is hollow type for specialized on planting purposes.
And every one can easily make eco-deco arrangement on walls and yards and small pool bases with d-deco bricks and plants for create a greener environment
The main material is cement with natural stone surfaces finishing.. The plastics are ground up and then mixed with Portland cement and chemical additives to make the bricks and something The D-eco project will hires unemployed people to make the bricks. The participants can also use the bricks to build their own houses.
d-eco bricks are few cheaper than traditional bricks, but comparable in terms of durability, water and fire resistance, with good heat and sound insulation properties and on wall green applications. In outdoor exposure tests undertaken by over the course of two years, the materials stood up well to both weather and ultraviolet radiation.

About the Company:

HAKAN GURSU was born on 1959 in Istanbul. He graduated from Middle East Technical University as first rank student in 1987. He took his masters degree from Department of Architecture in 1988. Gursu, continued his project studies at Japan in 1991 and completed his Ph.D studies in 1996. He worked as consultant on interior architecture and city planning in Moscow and Tokyo.
He contributed in the design of registered product design in the context of university and industry collaboration. Still he is going on his duites as an instructor in the Department of Industrial Design in METU and Designnobis.


* GreenDot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Transportation Category
* GreenDot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Other Category
* 2009 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Build Category
* 2010 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Other Category
* 2011 Green Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Transportation Category
* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Industrial Products Category
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