Entry Title: " IZODUO"
Category: Professional, Build|Products
Designer(s): Dr. Huseyin Luleci

Entry Description:

IZODUO is a composite building block made out of EPS, concrete and pumice. It has an extraordinary insulation and mechanical properties providing a whole package of added value to the construction industry. Most importantly, a wall woven with IZODUO bricks has a thermal insulation value of 0,27 W/m2K which much more greater than that related to sandwich brick, aerated concrete and etc. With its unique insulation properties, remarkable thermal insulation properties are achievable even without external sheathing of the wall.IZODUOs geometry makes it easier to build a wall, decreasing the construction time and labour costs significantly. In confidential
addition to thermal insulation property, due to the volcanic structure of IZODUO, high fire resistance is achieved. It does not have only non-flammable feature but also keeps its shape and size at high temperatures which provides fire safety for the buildings.When the life cycle of the building is completed, IZODUO can be added to the manufacture line since a percentage of the block consists of waste material. This feature makes IZODUO to enter the value chain indefinitely, leaving behind no waste.
This building block is all made of natural materials and it is 100% recyclable. Additionally, End of life cycle material can be added to the production line, which is another perspective in terms of recyclability. Besides raw materials, an environmentally friendly production process is another part of the green concept of IZODUO. Some facts such as not containing radioactive and toxic substances, no fuel oil usage during production, reduced CO2 emission are some examples. In addition, the rate of waste during the production of IZODUO is 0%, which is superior with respect to other products. Through the content of the raw materials and environmental production techniques it is possible to produce high insulated wall blocks; thus, it is easy to decrease the usage of energy resources and air pollution.

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