Entry Title: " Coal: A Love Story"
UNC News21 Powering a Nation
, United States
Category: Professional, Media
Designer(s): Powering a Nation

Entry Description:

Powering a Nation is part of News21, a national initiative sponsored by the Carnegie and Knight foundations to innovate the news business. Powering a Nation is developed, produced, and executed entirely by 11 students from the UNC -Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The students have expertise in photography/videography, interactive and motion graphics, marketing, and narrative journalism. They spent 10 weeks working as a team to produce material that engages audience members with the stories that the team has chosen.

This year marks the third year for Powering a Nation. While staff members from previous years chose to focus broadly on energy stories ranged from the BP oil spill and nuclear power to rising sea levels and energy use in food production the 2011 staff decided to focus on a single story.

explores our modern culture complicated relationship with coal. Almost half of the nation electricity is generated from the burning of coal. Despite the fact that we rely on electricity for nearly everything we do, few of us are aware of how it is generated. Whether we like it or not, we are in a complicated relationship with coal for the foreseeable future. We cant live without the power that coal provides, but we are uneasy with its byproducts: reduced air quality, health risks and environmental damage.

The purpose of this project is to start a conversation about our multi-faceted relationship with coal through personalized video stories, written pieces and graphics.

Coal: A Love Story is a groundbreaking multimedia report that represents a shift away from traditional journalism. Utilizing an immersive online experience, the website challenges the viewer to engage with energy issues in a highly personalized way.

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* 2011 Green Awards - 1st Place Winner - Media Category