Entry Title: " Savannius wind turbine"
, United States
Category: Professional, Product
Designer(s): Hirotaka Matsui and Emre Girgin

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About Savannius
By. Emre Girgin & Hirotaka Matsui
Savannius wind turbine, is an outdoor gadget which is a combination of a bench and a small-scale wind turbine. Savannius provides an instant energy source in open spaces like parks and conventions. People can charge their laptops, phones and other electric devices by the outputs. The electricity generated by the turbine will be preserved into the internal battery, and will be supplied from the equipped electrical plug-ins and USB ports.
Savannius creates a social and a functional space around itself, thus provides more opportunities for people to experience wind power first-hand. Ultimately,
Savannius aims to diffuses awareness of small-scale wind turbines among the majorities, and thus establish a solution for the energy and ecology issue.
The greatest appeals of Savannius , as a product, are its portability and easy- handling traits. This suggests its easy accessibility and mobility. For instance, in occasions like festivals or outdoor concerts, numbers of units can be easily delivered, installed, and collected when done.
All the wind turbine components are fastened with only one hand-screw. This means fast and easy (un)installation and maintenance. Savannius` components are detachable and replaceable. It can be disassembled to the point where everything compactly fits inside a medium-sized transportation box. Inside the seating unit, there is a recycled polyethylene tank. The tank can be filled with water to serve additional stability.
The vanes are made of recycled polyester sheet, and it catches the wind the same way a sail does.
Additionally, Savannius features a shroud around the turbine vanes. The shroud, which is formed of 12 plates, directs the wind right onto the vanes, thus obtaining a more concentrated wind flow. This increases the efficiency of energy production by 5-10%*. The shroud enhances the aesthetic appeal of the turbine by decreasing the visual disturbance caused by the distracting motion of the vanes. It also prevents birds from getting caught by accident.
Unlike the large-scale versions, small wind turbines are more adaptable for different groups of people and for different purposes, and not to mention, efficient in small wind flows. Savannius puts this fact into use and makes wind energy visible and available for more and more people.
* The results are based on our experiment with the scaled down prototype of Savannius wind turbine.

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* 2011 Green Awards - 3rd Place Winner - Product Category