Entry Title: " Ecological City Arkardien Winnenden"
Category: Professional, Build
Designer(s): Atelier Dreiseitl GmbH

Entry Description:

A fresh vision for ecological city design

Dont be put off by the cuteness! Arkadien Winnenden is a hardcore industrial regeneration project. A diversity of high performance components make this the worlds most sustainable neighbourhood and provides a fresh new vision for people-friendly and resource productive cities.

A smart location: Winnenden is an economically depressed, non-descript town forever cowering in Stuttgarts shadow. However, the Arkadien site is a convenient 5 minutes walk to both the local town center and to the train station, putting Stuttgart within reach 30 minutes door to door. There are nine schools within 10 minutes walk, and a new hospital is being built 1 km away. An innovative onsite recycling technology was developed to treat heavily contaminated soils on site, the rescued material then being used for construction of the sub-grade. The tight urban layout maximises site-occupancy while also forming the framework for the charming village-like streetscapes.

A healthy community: The use of non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials stretches from the use of mineral stuccos, non-toxic paints within and with out, and the structural use of native timber. Outdoors, recycled German granite sets are tastefully mixed with less expensive permeable concrete pavers and asphalt; the planting concept focuses on locally native species which support birds and bees.

Energy efficiency: The variety of home types are kWh 85 with energy being provided by a local combined-heat and power plant and photovoltaic feed-in.
Thanks to the use of permeable pavers and the innovative use of structural bearing soil substrate for garden-like parking spaces, impermeable surfaces have been reduced from 95% to 30%. The central lake is a spacious natural oasis at the heart of the neighbourhood. It doubles as a rainwater detention basin, capturing and filtering the water in stepped system, before overflowing to a flood meadow and slow releasing to the adjacent ecologically restored stream.

Social Regeneration: The creation of beautiful and people-friendly environment was considered by the design team as the best way to foster social stability. The warm friendly environment encourages a relaxed, almost holiday-like community feeling and informal spaces to meet your neighbour while providing every individual home with privacy. The developer maintains the site, and offers a range of services for both home-owners to rental parties, from housekeeping and maintenance to rental administration and assisted-living for the physically-challenged or aged. A neighbourhood steering committee has been formed.

Winnenden is small piece of neighbourly paradise in a tough suburban city. The project has given new direction to an economically depressed local community touched by the tragedy of a school shooting in 2009. It is a financially feasible vision for putting sustainable urban development into wide-scale practice.

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