Entry Title: " 321 Water"
Half A Teaspoon
, Australia
Category: Professional, Product
Designer(s): Design team Half A Teaspoon

Entry Description:

321 Water is a beautifully designed, reusable, water bottle with a unique plunger mechanism and carbon filter. It filters tap water in one quick action resulting in an improved taste and smell and reduced chlorine levels. 321 Water promotes the use of tap water. The product evolved in response to a growing social awareness regarding the environmental impact of bottled water. 321 Water can be filled from any tap, then plunge with one fluid movement to create freshly filtered and great tasting water.

About the Company:

Gretha Oost is the creative brain and director of Half A Teaspoon Pty Ltd, established in 2004. Half A Teaspoon is a design and product development business in Melbourne, focussing on product innovation to stimulate conscious use of water.

Dutch-born Gretha Oost nished a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Management (1997) and has gained experience in diverse marketing positions across different industries. Gretha moved to Australia in May 2004 shortly after nishing an 11,000 km cycling adventure through South America (together with husband Willem). She came up with the idea for Half A Teaspoon Pty Ltd in June 2004 and has been working full time on the business ever since, whilst at the same time giving birth to two beautiful girls (Famke 2 and Mila 4). Having spent many years in different parts of the world, Gretha is determined to make her Australian adventure a success. She is passionate about tackling envi- ronmental issues in a different way and to re-invest company prots in water projects in countries where water is not a commodity. Gretha wholeheartedly believes that great design and an unusual approach can drive environmental change.


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