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Category: Professional, Public Products
Designer(s): World Dryer

Entry Description:

1. How the entry is manufactured and delivered to its consumers.
All of World Dryer products are manufactured using recyclable parts and packaged with materials that can also be recycled.

2. How the entry functions and its use.
SMARTdri was designed after customer focus groups asked for an energy efficient, fast and hygienic automatic hand drying experience. A GreenSpec listed product, it can be considered the most energy efficient hand dryer on the market using 88% less energy than traditional dryers and 40-60% less than most competitive high-speed dryers.
The units intelligent, flexible technology allows for customization in any washroom environment with high, medium or low power/sound settings and on/off heating options. SMARTdris 10 second dry time provides the best performance time among high-speed dryers. With its proprietary motor technology, it has a motor life 2 to 3 times longer than competitive offerings and matches the service life and reliability of traditional dryers.
SMARTdris technology fully supports green building and access to earn LEED credits with its ability to contribute to a sustainable restroom design. Its high efficiency technology offers a low environmental impact by virtually eliminating waste and maintenance associated with other hand drying methods. Additionally, SMARTdris patented use of Steri-Touch Anti-Microbial Technology reduces the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus on the apparatus. It is 99% effective against e-coli and MRSA.
With its cast aluminum base, SMARTdri is best-in-class for durability and reliability and comes in aluminum, steel and stainless steel finishes. An optional ADA recess kit makes it ideal for ADA compliant locations.
3. How it maintains sustainability in an environmentally and responsible manner.
SMARTdri maintains sustainability in a number of significant ways. SMARTdri considerably reduces energy costs by using 88% less energy when compared to traditional hand dryers. Not only does SMARTdri reduce the amount of energy needed, it completely eliminates paper towel costs and considerably reduces maintenance costs. A typical commercial or insitutional restroom facility has about 6,000 users per month. Each person uses, on average, 2.5 sheets of paper towel to dry their hands. That means that the average restroom is using 15,000 sheets of paper towel each month and 180,000 per year.
The installation of a SMARTdri hand dryer can eliminate that paper towel waste. Eliminating the need for paper towels reduces the significant amount of water needed to produce paper towels in the first place. Before being used, paper towels require a chemical cleansing process that uses approximately 20,000 gallon of water per each ton of paper towels.
Additionally, energy savings with SMARTdri comes to 7 cents per 200 uses with heat and only 4 cents per 200 uses without heat. Compared to the cost of paper towels, these hand dryers can achieve nearly $5,000 per year in savings.
The installation of even one SMARTdri hand dryer can have a large, positive impact on the environment.

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* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Public Products Category