Entry Title: " Sustainable Ice Cream Cart"
Category: Professional, Public Products
Designer(s): Springtime design team

Entry Description:

The sustainable ice cream cart is a an aluminum mobile vending cart equiped with solar panels. The freezer is powered by a photovoltaic roof. The solar energy of the sun keeps the ice cold.

To convey this sustainable concept to the customers of the cart, the photovoltaic panel has a translucent medium in which the cells are placed. This way, the cells are visible for the customer.

The freezer runs from a battery that is being charged by the photovoltaic panel. On a sunny day panel delivers more than sufficient energy to keep the battery full during a full day of vending. On a cloudy day, the freezer also depends on the battery.

Our goal with this project was to show how sustainable design can support fun and positive things like enjoying an ice cream on a hot day.

About the Company:


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