Entry Title: " Grundfos SIGMA WATERHEATER"
Dimensional Innovations
, United States
Category: Professional, Industrial Products
Designer(s): Arun Ramasamy, Jon Uhart, Joshua Talley, Will Seitter, Tucker Trotter, Stephen Hopkins, Lindsey Weber, Corey Goering

Entry Description:

According to the US Energy Information Administration, buildings account for 41% of the energy consumption in the United States. It is a sad reality that commercial buildings waste substantial amounts of energy and water. The energy used for heating and cooling, refrigeration and hot water is approximately 1/3 of the total energy usage in commercial buildings. Grundfos SIGMA WATERHEATER is a sustainable solution that provides hot water for commercial buildings without burning fossil fuel.

The visionary product eliminates the use of fossil fuel for producing hot water by reclaiming wasted heat. All of this is accomplished in a skin that is 30% lighter than traditional materials and is easier to use. The fabric skin reduces shipping costs, financial and environmental, and increases servicing efficiency through the functional design. The SIGMA WATERHEATER is also designed for remote access and control via an iPAD and contains an LED illuminated heartbeat that acts as a feedback loop for quick visual assessment.

Despite growing environmental awareness and increasing energy costs, wasted heat is still the norm for commercial buildings. The revolutionary Grundfos SIGMA WATERHEATER delivers carbon free hot water and provides a positive domino effect throughout all of the mechanical systems through load reduction.

- Modular, expandable design
- 30% lighter skin for decreased shipping weights
- System capacity range: 300 MBTU/hr to 1.2 MMBTU/hr
- Ozone friendly R-134a refrigerant
- Safety approved (ETL LPC)
- iPad-based control and monitoring

SIGMA WATERHEATER is a revolutionary industrial product with an equally innovative product design. From sustainability to serviceability, the product design reflects a new category in industrial products. Modular. Innovative. Hassle-Free. Green. SIGMA WATERHEATER.


About the Company:


* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 3rd Place Winner - Industrial Products Category