Entry Title: " BroadWay Armchairs"
Category: Professional, Residential Products
Designer(s): Boris Bally

Entry Description:

Title of Entry: BroadWay Armchair
size: 39 1/2 tall x 35" wide x 26" deep
weight: approximately 22 pounds each
materials: re-used traffic signs, recycled champagne corks, stainless-steel hardware
(hand-fabricated, roll-formed, pierced, brake-formed and hand washed and finished)

The BroadWay Armchair design builds upon and improves numerous aspects of Boris Bally's pioneering design of the patented 'Transit Chair' concept which is also made of recycled Traffic Signs. The new design challenge: to create a more complex, more comfortable chair design maximizing the graphic and material potential of recycled traffic signs to increase the furniture's presence. We wanted to create a design which could easily become a luminescent centerpiece of welcome and comfort in commercial or residential settings. This design minimizes scrap generated in its manufacture while simultaneously transcending the numerous technical challenges of working with an un-yielding material. During production of these chairs, nothing goes to waste: anything left over from the chair manufacturing process is further used in the production of numerous other furnishing designs. The resulting chair design becomes an fusion of comfort, and via KD shipping- of accessibiltiy- and optimizes formal design concerns.

This chair is innovative in its manufacture, as well as in its upcycling and design statements. Our unique process of producing objects in our studio have been termed, HUMANUFACTURED.' This novel approach to hybridizing art, design and craft with a variety of hand and production techniques has gained international acclaim. Our business is dedicated to using regional assistants and exploring only local materials.

Drawing on techniques learned during an apprenticeship in his Fatherland of Switzerland, the materials used in Bally's studio are selected for their ability to delight, invite and subversively educate. They remain accessible, inviting larger segments of our culture, from members of the general public of all ages, to the design and art savvy connoisseur. Much effort goes into the location, purchasing, and selection of the optimal materials. With this series, we hope to open minds to recycled work conveying the simple message that recycled design doesnt have to appear dismal, lack in comfort, alienate the user or be unaffordable.

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