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Entry Title: " AQUATECTURE"
H2O new scenarios for survival - No profit Association
, Italy
Category: Professional, Concept|Non Profit services
Designer(s): H2O New scenarios for survival - No Profit Association

Entry Description:

The very name of the "H2O New Scenarios for Survival" non-profit association communicates the vital need to tackle environmental problems through the fundamental formula whereby there can be no protection of the environment without true development, true peace and true growth in human dignity and that, vice versa, we will never achieve development, peace and justice without respect for the environment.
The greenhouse effect rhymes with war effect and war is often the outcome of economic hardship and social injustice. Yet perhaps the new fact today is that the war effect is not only caused by social-economic imbalances but especially by environmental imbalances, whereby climatic change will see some of the still most important resources for work and savings (water, where, residential land) relocated to different areas, causing the explosion of full-scale competition to recover or procure both lost and new resources.
The environmental and even political, social and economic challenge can only be won if we are able to implement international cooperation and integration. A global alliance between the peoples of the Earth accompanied by another alliance between Man and the Earth itself.
This is why important personalities, be they scientists or economists but also non-profit associations such as "H2O New scenarios for survival", must make their voices heard and take effective action, initially together with their "home societies" and then, as required, as promoters of a format that can be exported. This is why the non-profit H2O association shares and promotes opportunities to adopt more sustainable attitudes by encouraging better use of mains water but especially by speaking out for a design culture capable of safeguarding the "innovation of tradition" as broadly documented in the AQUATECTURE project.
The advantages of the houses of the water:
Ecological - reduction of CO2 and oil due to the production of PET and further reduction of CO2 due to the emission of exhaust gas of the TIR adapted to transport plastic bottles; less material to be disposed of.
Economics - significant savings for citizens than buying bottled water, reducing the cost of disposal of plastics by the Public Administrations.
Social Benefit - recreate, as in the past fountains around the country, meeting points and socialization. The advanced technology found in these structures is not just about the delivery system: any panels to support the structure can provide information on the water supplied, the checks carried out, rather than other messages or press releases that would otherwise be disclosed with posters and or flyers (avoiding paper waste).
Ultimate goal: to reduce the 6 miliardi of PET bottles records 2011 reached first in Italy in Europe.
Source of information: Beverage Marketing Corporation New York

About the Company:

The Association H2o is the only
non-governmental organization that
addresses the issue of preserving and
saving water trought the culture of the
design by concret solutions, product of
the creativity of professional
architects, graphic designer, designer
addressing this global problem


* 2011 Green Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Media Category
* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Print Category
* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - - Category
* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 1st Place Winner - Non Profit services Category
* 2012 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - - Category