Entry Title: " City of Laredo James & Maria Luisa Haynes Health and Wellness Center"
Category: Professional,
Designer(s): Frank Rotnofsky and Viviana Frank

Entry Description:

Haynes Health and Wellness Center is the first 45,000-square-foot building with green roof in Laredo. Inside is a double gymnasium; cardio-fitness and weight-training area; a dance studio, media room, lounge, and health-food concession stand; an upper-level walking and jogging track; locker rooms, and special need rooms. Outside: a swimming pool, community garden, jogging track, bathroom facilities, and a recycling and composting center. The facility was planned as a multiuse activity center designed around the idea that recreation and environment go hand in hand in the health of an individual and a community. The project is a response to a new precedent set by the City of Laredo Open Space Master Plan Indoor Recreational Priorities, and to meet the standards and further raise the bar, the building includes ecosystem restoration and xeriscaping; rainwater-collection systems, daylight harvesting, solar technology; and a community garden, which provides individual plots for seasonal planting of fruits and vegetables by individuals, families, or clubs. The composting center recycles plant material for use in the garden, greenhouse, and landscaping of the park.

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