Entry Title: " Still RX70 Forklift"
TEAMS Design
, United States
Category: Professional, Transportation|Design
Designer(s): TEAMS Design

Entry Description:

The worlds most fuel-efficient hybrid diesel forklift truck, the Still RX70, is safer, cleaner, and more economical than any predecessor. Available at retail outlets throughout Europe, the RX70 consumes a mere 2.0 liters of diesel per hour which is up to 50% less than its competitors; no other forklift consumes less. Switch on its innovative Blue-Q, and energy consumption can be further improved by up to 10%. The Forklift Association (FLTA) of Great Britain awarded the RX70 with the 2008 FLTA Environmental Award.

The RX70s high-power, double-layered capacitors, or Super Caps, form an electrical storage and recovery system that provides low fuel consumption with minimal noise. The Super Caps, located at the rear of the truck, charge with the energy released during braking. Upon accelerating, the energy that has been stored in Super Caps provides additional power without expending additional fuel.

In addition to the Super Caps, the diesel engine generates current for the electric drive motor through a three-phase generator. Power electronics link all systems and control the charging and discharging of the auxiliary energy store.

Highly maneuverable and ready for changing weather conditions, the RX70 adapts to the requirements of various industries. The drivers personal settings can be programmed to better suit the surroundings, such as an automatic speed reduction when entering a warehouse for optimal safety.

Designers at TEAMS Design researched safety issues fork lift operators face, finding the largest cause of injury and death is due to a lack of all-around visibility, especially when driving a fully loaded lift. Therefore, the large windows, stretching the height of the cab, provide the spacious drivers compartment with superior all-round visibility. An ergonomically designed workspace ensures safe and easy operation; hydraulic valve levers, joysticks, arm rests, and steering wheel knob are user-friendly, comfortable, and always within reach. The steering wheel, placed left-of-center for more comfortable and intuitive operation, has low steering force for sensitive and precise movements, and the suspension-mounted cabin reduces vibrations. Driver comfort is enhanced by the safe and accessible placement of a heater, air conditioning, radio, CD player, camera system for reversing, and cruise control for longer distance travel.

About the Company:

TEAMS Design is a multinational industrial design firm with innovative product design processes that take concepts from research through development and into manufacture.

Our brand-wide focus has helped us win over 1000 awards, and we recently ranked second in an international poll of product design firms.

We are one of the oldest design consultancies in the world, and have five design studios in three continents creating strategically positioned designs for both localized and global markets.


* 2009 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Transportation Category