Entry Title: " The TREEHOUSE"
Category: Professional, Public|Concept|Public Products
Designer(s): Chris Goossens, Thierry Wiebking

Entry Description:

1. The Treehouse, a construction of wood and metal in the shape of a book, is designed by the German treehouse architect Andreas Wenning. "A treehouse is a place where you can connect and become one with nature", he says.

2. This treehouse is specially build as an inspiration spot for entrepreneurs and decision makers.
The TREEHOUSE is the ideal place to hold break-out sessions where businesses can brainstorm about the importance sustainability has in their company, why and how they can improve to build a better future for the planet.

3. It is the perfect location for scientific research and relevant presentations.
Finally, The TREEHOUSE is also an online platform where people can share ideas from their brainstorming sessions which can lead to interesting cross-pollination.

About the Company:


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