Entry Title: " Bell Book & Candle"
Category: Professional, Industrial|Other
Designer(s): GRADE

Entry Description:

Housed within an early 20th-century building in Manhattan's West Village, Bell Book & Candle is a restaurant specializing in contemporary American cuisine. Completed in December 2010, the 5,940 sq. ft. space emphasizes the restaurant's farm-to-table concept and specialization in local and sustainable fare. GRADE designed and implemented an award-winning, energy-efficient aeroponic rooftop tower garden atop the restaurant's six-story building, ideal for the restaurant's chefs to grow and gather fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables. The menu is designed on a seasonal basis and is heavily influenced by production from the aeroponic rooftop tower garden. Each tower supports two to three dozen plants.

Currently, Bell Book & Candle's aeroponic rooftop tower garden grows over 60% of the restaurant's fresh ingredients. The aeroponic tower garden functions by growing produce vertically, utilizing a contained water system rather than soil, thus banning the use of additives and pesticides. (Instead, Bell Book & Candle uses eco-friendly, beneficial insects.) Through this technology, the restaurant's team of chefs supervises what elements go into each bit of produce, ensuring the ingredients are organic and nutritious. The produce is picked at its peak and used immediately for optimal taste and nutritional benefits. The produce travels from rooftop to kitchen (six floors down) via a carbon-neutral, hand-operated pulley mechanism.

To honor the neighborhood's remarkable heritage and continue the environmental efforts below street level, GRADE used reclaimed materials such as oak flooring, exposed brick, and cerused millwork, imbuing the restaurant with a rustic but sleek atmosphere. A color palette of neutral blues, grays and browns was derived from the produce found on the roof - a bounty of blueberries, eggplant and basil.

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