Entry Title: " Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser"
Category: Professional, Simple transportation
Designer(s): Yuba Bicycles, LLC Robin Sansom, Leif Basner, Benjamin Sarrazin

Entry Description:

Boda Boda is the name for the ubiquitous utility bicycles seen all over the African continent. Boda Bodas get people and products to their destinations day in and day out. Similar to its namesake, Yuba's Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser is no lightweight when it comes to hauling. Giving a friend a lift or loading up at the farmer's market - this 35 lb bike neatly fills the gap between classic townies and mega-hauler cargo bikes.

Designed with the needs of urban dwellers in mind, the bike has an unprecedented payload capacity - 220 pounds - for a bike as small and light as Yuba's Boda Boda. In order to accommodate riders of all heights and abilities, step-through and step-over versions are available. Using this bike, a shorter rider could still manage to give a friend a lift, and then be able to carry the bike up to her apartment afterwards. Unlike most cargo bikes, it's light, fast, nimble and can be put on a city bus rack. Freeing people from their cars, this bike empowers people to run their errands, take their kids to school, and get places quickly.

Like most bicycles, the Boda Boda is manufactured in Asia, shipped to the destination region (North America, Europe, or Australia) by boat and assembled. It is then shipped by truck to bike shops where customers test ride and purchase the bikes and accessories. The optional Canadian-manufactured BionX electric-assist system is added at the distributor before shipping to the bike shop.

Half of all car trips in the United States are three miles or less; replacing these trips with bike trips would dramatically reduce fossil fuel consumption, road congestion, and emissions. Cargo bikes can help people get their groceries, transport their friends and families, but are often too large and heavy to be practical for apartment dwellers or people living in small spaces. The Boda Boda's uniquely light and small frame brings the functionality of a cargo bike to anyone seeking a bike for transportation.

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