Entry Title: " LOCAL bicycle"
Category: Professional, Public Products
Designer(s): Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, Nick Cronan

Entry Description:

The LOCAL bike, a stylish and functional utility bike, is a new approach to modern living;
traditional bicycles can no longer accommodate everything we need to take with us to
work and play. The LOCAL bike understands that you have bags, or kids, or surfboards to
carry wherever you go. As the needs of our lives evolve, LOCAL bike is there to ensure we
can still enjoy riding a bike.
The project emerged out of the Oregon Manifest design challenge that brought together a
custom bike builder and a global design houses to rethink bicycle design for a new
generation. fuseproject partnered with local bike builder Jeremy SyCip to create LOCAL.
We focused on designing a useful tool for a local life, which meant reimagining the
traditional definition of the cargo bike. Existing cargo bikes are large and heavy, with
extended front designs that are intimidating to new riders and potentially disconcerting for
carrying precious cargo. They are not meant for the everyday, too heavy and imposing for
riding around the neighborhood. Because the LOCAL is meant to allow riders the same
comfort and convenience they get with a car, we needed to ensure the bike would fit with
many types of lifestyles.
An iconic design and integrated safety mechanisms ensure that anyone, from soccer mom
to cyclist, will feel comfortable with the LOCAL. It is the bike version of the practical pickup
truck and provides sustainable transportation you can live with. The sturdy, flexible
front platform carries the groceries, surfboards, lumber and kids, creating an ideal vehicle
for a selfpowered life.
We found innovative solutions for load placement and steering options, ensured you could
secure all kinds of cargo and relieve the hassles usually associated with taking a bike out
for the day. We integrated some key elements in the bike: locking, lighting, bags and even
music with our wireless JAMBOX speaker! These are things that we would otherwise have
to carry separately, but now LOCAL has a place for each. Finally, for a safe, easy and clean
greasefree experience, we are using a Shimano "Alfine" internal hub with 11 gears with
front and rear hydraulic disk brakes.
The sporty and functional LOCAL bike takes a new approach to modern living, giving
people a new and sustainable method of transportation.

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