Entry Title: " House Port Desert Zen PopUP House"
Category: Professional, Residential
Designer(s): Hally Thacher House Port Design Team

Entry Description:

House Ports PopUP House is a sustainable living solution and alternative to modular and traditionally manufactured homes created with a commitment to simple design, sustainability, affordability and personalization options in mind. The PopUP House provides a new way of living by creating an open, stylish and unique environment that can be set up practically anywhere.

A PopUP House consists of either one, two or three PopUP Cubes formed by Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These unique structures provide ample living space, bedroom areas, kitchen and utility space. Above the cube shaped buildings, an innovative House Port, a galvanized metal roof, covers the main buildings, providing insulation and relief from the weather, as well as creating an open outdoor patio that surrounds the home.

A few key Green features of the House Port:
Wall Systems: SIPs panels are inherently air tight and provide high insulation. These characteristics render the typical central heating and cooling system obsolete replacing them with a relatively low powered Heat Recovery Device (HRV) or Energy Recovery Device (a small fan running much of the time to bring in fresh air from a controlled source.) Net result, much lower heating and cooling costs, and much more constant and comfortable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). SIPs can save approximately $10,000 in energy costs over 10 years.

Windows/Sliders/Roofing: High quality windows and sliders provide desirable connection between inside and outside. A notable feature of the House Port is the huge overhanging metal roof structure which provides much more shade than conventional designs allowing for better energy efficiency.

Energy Star Appliances: Do their job using less energy and are eligible for energy rebates in most areas. A rain catchment system and greywater system were also installed. The House Port is also solar-ready.

The House Port Desert Zen PopUP House was completed in Winter 2012.

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