Entry Title: " FoFoCup"
Category: Professional, Other
Designer(s): Cyc Chen

Entry Description:

Inspired by what ancient Chinese believed the heaven is round, and
the earth is square. Although that might not be true, but this particular
structure makes the cup can be folded, while the mouthpiece remains
in round makes it ergonomic to drink just like ordinary cups.

FoFoCup is made by PP (Polypropylene), can be reused more than
10,000 times, and is safe up to 120 degree Celsius. When FoFoCup
comes to the end of its life, it still can be used as flower pot, or 100%

With a cup can be folded to a slice (less than 1cm), more people will be
willing to bring this reusable cup to Starbucks, or any coffee shops, and
reduce trillions paper cups wasted every year.

The lid of the cap keeps beverage from spilling. A parking device holds
the lid from swing while drinking. The valve for straw makes FoFoCup
good from both hot and iced beverage. The shape of drink hole is
ergonomic to fit your lips.

FoFoCup weights only 23~50 grams, depends on its capacity. It's the
lightest reusable cups in the world, and is fully complied with 3Rs:
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

What more lovely is, the packaging of FoFoCup is the carry bag of
FoFoCup when it is served. There is no packaging wasted at all.

About the Company:


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