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Entry Title: " Ditto Sustainable Hanger"
Category: Professional, Public Products
Designer(s): Gary Barker - Desginer/CEO Michael Low - Designer

Entry Description:

Ditto Sustainable Hanger is the world's first 100% recycled paper/recyclable hanger made for consumer and retail use. The Ditto Hanger replaces the estimated 8 billion commodity plastic retail hangers that end up in landfills every year. 8 billion hangers would fill 4.6 Empire State Buildings--every year!

Made from highly compressed, proprietary paperboard, the Ditto Hanger holds over 20lbs and contains no formaldehyde, no chlorine, no heavy metals and only uses starch adhesives and soy inks.

The Ditto Hanger innovation redefines the plastic commodity retail hanger, producing multiple add-on to the retail hanger:

- Ditto Hangers use far less space when shipping to the clothing manufacturer. Some of our designs have saved over 90% on shipping (and related fuels).

- Ditto displays ship 38% more garments per container due to the slim profile of the hangers. This results in more efficient shipping and less use of fuel.

- Ditto uses 48% less space to store in distribution centers.

- Ditto fits over 200% more clothing in retail stores.

- Customers take home Ditto Displays with their purchase. The companys brand goes home with the customer and the hanger stays out of landfills.

- Current clients have reported sales increases up to 40% by simply using our hangers.

- Our Ditto Displays help retailers show their innovative spirit and connect with a younger more environmentally concerned demographic.

Ditto's clients include such innovators as Adidas, The Gap, REI, O'Neill, LL Bean, Acorn, Ice Breakers and the Container Store.

About the Company:


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