Entry Title: " GREEN CITY Succulents"
Category: Professional, Public Products
Designer(s): Daniel Rosenbaum

Entry Description:

Rosenbaum Design in Sydney Australia is a botanic art agency that
specialises in greening cities and encouraging human interaction
with botanic life by creating innovative art activities that teach the
age old art of gardening.

The Project consists of Botanic Artworks in the form of
contemporary ceramic planter vessels containing landscape gardens
using desert succulents. This range of public planters are specifically
designed for city spaces that require low maintenance and can
withstand harsh wind, full sun, considerable neglect and low water

Succulent Bonsai is an emerging gardening trend, suitable for
beginner gardeners and inner-city dwellers. Rosenbaum Design in
Sydney Australia runs workshops for all ages who wish to learn the
art of gardening thus, encouraging a sense of responsibility to care
for the natural environment.

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