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, India
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): Ashok Dutta Meghana Dutta

Entry Description:

In the history of the 89 year old German multinational company The Sustainable Puma Store at Bangalore, India is their first ZERO ENERGY flagship store globally. It incorporates a number of innovative design elements to ensure that it meets the highest criteria for Energy Efficiency. The standalone Puma building is around 11000 sqft within which the area allocated for Retail is around 5000sqft. The entire retail area in the building is proposed to be completely powered by renewable energy through solar PV panels installed on the roof to make it ZERO ENERGY BUILDING. The Ground, Mezzanine and the First Floors are for retail. The Second and the terrace floor will be a Puma Social Area. The parking is in the Basement.

The building is built on a 90 x60 site in a dense commercial area with a relatively small foot print. Thus, the primary challenge in creating a Zero Energy Building, was that we did not have enough roof area to mount the Solar PV panels needed to meet the energy requirement. Thus, we first ascertained how much of space we have to mount PV panels, fix a number for energy requirement that can be supported by the PV Panels and then went to work on the design of the building. The first step was to design a highly efficient building envelope which will cut off most of the external forces that causes high energy usage and support it with many sustainable ideas which will allow us to cut down the energy requirements further.

Through the process of analytical studies, understanding of known parameters that are a cause for increase in energy consumption, design solutions that can negate these parameters along with other mechanisms have been designed and built in to the building system to achieve the ZERO ENERGY BUILDING.

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* 2013 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Industrial Category