Entry Title: " India Basin Adventure Park"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): Marcel Wilson, Principal, Lead Designer Sarah Moos, Project Manager

Entry Description:

The India Basin Waterfront & Adventure Park will be a regional destination and complete the missing link in a 13-mile long open space system in San Francisco, California. Responding to an era of austerity in governments and public works, the project creates a robust open space vision for a postindustrial waterfront in a rapidly developing district. Composed of alternative funding mechanisms that generate revenue and saving streams, the planning strategy devises a new framework for acquiring, funding, building, and maintaining a legacy waterfront park.

The client is a San Francisco based nonprofit with a mission of advocacy, philanthropy, and stewardship for parks and open space. Through their activism, the client received a Brownfield Revitalization Grant from the EPA and commissioned the landscape architect to analyze and plan the India Basin Waterfront.

There were 4 primary goals. 1) Devise a clear inspiring vision for the waterfront. 2) Prove that the vision could integrate and resolve the coordination between adjacent projects and transportation improvements. 3) Devise a strategy for the economics of acquiring, designing, building, and maintaining a sustainable open space. 4) Conduct the planning through a community based process.

4 economic strategies for planning the waterfront were developed. 1) Leverage the time and space assets of the existing site. 2) Capture fees and mitigations from off-site impacts of other projects. 3) Capture waste material streams from infrastructure projects in the region. 4) Generate revenues and fees from on-site real estate and storm water treatment infrastructure. Each strategy carries site planning requirements, and when executed they result in a revenue stream or a savings to the built project. They also imply a sequence of events that adapts to variables and different scenarios for the project timing. In total, the strategies and sequence of the project doubles as an approach to large scale sustainability.

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