Entry Title: " Next Generation Solar Powered Filling Station"
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): Chief Architect: Zsolt Zombori / Europa Studio Architecture and Interior Design Ltd. Architect: Péter Kiss Architect team mates: Dávid Papp, Gabriella Bárdos, Zoltán Hosszú HVAC Designer: Péter Nógrádi Electrical Designer: Gábor Kovács Static Designer: Ákos Medek Dr. Interior Designers: Csaba Finta, János Terbe

Entry Description:

More than 50% in energy savings, creative use of alternative energy, effective reduction of CO2 gas emissions and the conscious use of recycled materials a brief summary of the MOL Group's green filling station concept designed by Zsolt Zombori architect dedicated to the principles of Sustainable Development.
The roof above the forecourt and the branches of the tailor-made solar-trees provide a total 250m2 of integrated solar panels generating nearly 31,000 kWh of energy per annum, thus significantly reducing the need for supplementary energy for filling station operations.
A highly efficient electric car charger has been commissioned, the first such equipment in Hungary. Power LED lighting is used inside the building and in the forecourt area. The 355 new LED lamps installed can save more than 12,000 KWh per annum.
Significantly enhanced heat insulation of the building, including special three-layer glass surfaces, greatly reduce heat in summer/heat loss in winter and the energy required for heating and/or cooling. The 50% energy thus saved can further reduce CO2 gas emissions by nearly 180 tons.
The green wall and roof covered with evergreens will neutralize 10 tons of CO2 gas per annum, while also saving energy and reducing the effects of high winter-summer temperature volatility on the building.
As a result of drainage and storage of rainwater in cisterns, watering of plants on the roof and walls is simpler and thus consumption of potable water will be minimal.
The building's heating, cooling and hot water supply system is the most efficient air-water heat pump equipped with a heat exchanger thus ensuring zero CO2 emissions.
The interior is designed and built using environmental-friendly materials: tailor-made shop equipment and furniture; vinyl textile flooring, lamps hung from the ceiling made from 512 used corks, LED lighting and three decorative balls with green northern lichen.

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