Entry Title: " Tulare's Mulcahy Park Incorporates Sustainable Design"
Category: Professional, Public
Designer(s): Designers' Names: Michael Ratajski and Dan Garver Quad Knopf Design Team: Mike Ratajski Dan Garver Meredith Inglehart Monique Mello Michael Gaines Michael Rodriguez Kenny Santiago Electrical Design Team: Rose Sing and Associates, Inc.

Entry Description:

Tulares Mulcahy Park Design Incorporates Sustainability

This spring, students and staff members of the Mulcahy Middle
School, Tulare School District, and the City of Tulare celebrated the
opening of a new 10-acre community park. Park amenities include
active sports fields, restrooms, picnic pavilions and areas,
playgrounds, splash pads, more than 3,000 linear feet of trails, and
benches throughout.

As civil design consultant for the project, Quad Knopf incorporated
many sustainable features into the park plan, including:

Reduced the turf area of an active sports park by
approximately 10%.
Tilled all of the planted areas to a depth of 12 inches
before adding amendments for better water penetration and
reduced runoff.
Tested soil in the planted areas for nutrients; added
what was lacking and tilled amendments into the soil for healthier
Replaced some of the turf areas with drought tolerant
planting, the rest with hardscape.
Placed 4 inches of mulch in all planters that were not
turf to reduce water use and evaporation.
Installed an irrigation controller with a central computer
with rain sensor, weather station, and evapotranspiration
monitoring to reduce the water usage.
Designed the splash pad with an activation bollard to
turn the spray jets on only when in use.
Planted 127 trees to help reduce the heat island effect.
The play equipment, partially comprised of recycled
plastic, was manufactured by a LEED certified manufacturer.
Shade sails over the play equipment block 90% of UV
The restroom building is a pre-manufactured concrete
building that has low flow toilets (1.6 gal./ flush), low flow urinals
(.5 gal./flush), sky lights for reduced lighting needs, photo cell- and
motion sensor-activated fluorescent interior lights, and motion
sensor-activated exhaust fans to reduce energy use.

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