Entry Title: " Commerce Avenue Sewer Pump Station and Odor Control Facility, Atwater CA"
Category: Professional, Public
Designer(s): Miguel Barcenas - Quad Knopf Garth Pecchenino - Fremming Parsons Pecchenino

Entry Description:

Commerce Avenue Sewer Pump Station and Odor Control Facility

Atwater was outgrowing its wastewater treatment plants
(WWTPs) 12-MGD capacity, necessitating either an upgrade or
replacement. Additionally, changes in NPDES requirements would
necessitate boosting wastewater tertiary treatment and de-
chlorination levels by June 2012.

Rather than upgrade the existing WWTP, the City elected to build a
new plant 5.7 miles south. The new plant would reduce operating
costs with new and efficient technology, increase potential land
available for development, eliminate an existing effluent odor
problem, and allow for an increase in raw sewer flows to 24 MGD
at maximum build-out. A new pump station would convey sewer
flows to the plant.

In May 2012, Quad Knopf, in partnership with Fremming, Parsons
and Pecchenino, completed design and construction of the new
pump station and odor control facility, which included a gravity
sewer system, a wet well and pumping station, an odor control
facility; and a SCADA system.

Seeking to reduce construction costs, the engineering team
performed detailed engineering evaluations, including assessing
the potential for rehabilitating the existing pumping station and
wet well. Concluding this would be a complex and time-consuming
process, the team recommended replacing the existing pumping
station. Several sites were evaluated, and a location was selected
that would not significantly impact future property development.

A new landscape screen was designed to block the view of the new
pumping station and associated aboveground piping. Plantings
coordinate with nearby commercial landscaping, and slats in chain
link fencing block the view from passersby.

Incorporating a variety of features to increase sustainability, the
team specified solar fixtures for the electrical building, biofiltration
for odor control, and variable frequency pumps for energy
efficiency. A gravity line conveys flows part way to the pumping
station, reducing the length of force main required and associated
mechanical energy demand.

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