Entry Title: " Wulumuqi Road Apartment"
Category: Professional, Residential
Designer(s): Eunice Seng, Darren Zhou, Zhao Wenju, Sam Cheng, Beatrix Redlich

Entry Description:

The alteration and addition of Wulumuqi Road Apartment took
advantage of what was an
interpretation of a local policy of urban beautification in the city of
Shanghai. There
was a city-wide policy () where pitched red-clay tiled roofs were
being added to the
flat reinforced concrete roofs of modern commune housing that were
considered dull and
devoid of civic or traditional character. The drab housing that qualified
for this
alteration tends to be housing blocks that were built hastily by the
Communist Party in
the 1940s and 50s. However, the site for this project was a particularly
poorly built
Lilong housing block of the 1930s.

In the re-design of this top-floor apartment, the original flat roof was
demolished to give way to an attic addition. This addition not only took
reference from
the vernacular form of the dormer window found in the neighborhood,
it also attempted to
engage in traditional, local building practices, as well as literally create
the new from
discarded building materials.

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