Entry Title: " Chinese Academy of Sciences IOT Center"
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): Eunice Seng, Darren Zhou, Jose Angel Remon, Chris Zhou, Catherine Wu, Sybren Boomsma, Iris Xu, Crystal Yiu, Zhang Yue, Melody Song

Entry Description:

The site for this new exhibition center and laboratories was the former
Soviet-designed low-density office cluster sitting amongst a heavily
wooded compound. The
architecture of this adaptive-reuse project is predicated on strategic
insertions of new
forms and voids within the structural framework of the original
complex. The dialogue
between the new and the old was not just an aesthetic exercise, but
also one that is
concerned with an enhancement of daylighting, natural ventilation, and
the embodiment of
new and existing landscape of mature camphor and pine trees. A new
fenestration system was
developed in order to rationalize and produce new envelopes suitable
for the new programs
and the environment.

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