Entry Title: " APARKA"
Category: Professional, Concept|Public Products
Designer(s): "José Ignacio Aguirre", "Alex Ochoa de Aspuru", " Javier Machimbarrena"," Manu Alvarez"," Pablo LLop", "Victor Furundarena", "Irene Gonzalez", "Jose Ramón Villarino"

Entry Description:

The APARKA system seeks to meet the different needs identified by the citizenships:
- Secure parking (whethear, theft and vadalism problems)
- Easy parking (conected and designed to be easy to create a network in wich it supports public bicycle service within the same product)
- Minimum space occuped
- Not necessary public works for installation
- Can be installed in any place
- Customised for all needs due to its modular construction (also special sizes)
- Minimum maintenance and simplicity
- The manufacture is made from recycled materials, avoiding the extraction of raw materials. Furthermore, the materials used are also recyclable, so that at the end of product life also avoids waste.
The product has been designed taking into account environmental aspects in three key areas:
- Production
This is the main environmental impact of APARKA, that is due to the use of raw materials (reused steel). This is why it has been chosen recycled materials derived from other processes for the estructure and for the covers.

- Use
One of the most significant aspects in the use of APARKA it minimizes its environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Power consumption is minimal when in use, and regarding the maintenance of the product, we have thought of a robust and vandal-resistant materials. Moreover, being a completely modular, if it is necessary to replace one of its parta, it may be disassembled from the rest of the set, so that the replaced impact is minimum.

- End of life
The product design has attempted to minimize the number of components used. This means that, at the end of its product life, the number of materials to be managed are minimized. Furthermore, as a modular product that it is, material separation is performed very easily, so each of them is managed in the right way.

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