Entry Title: " Santa Maria da Feira School"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): P3P Arquitectos e Associados Lda João Paulo Pereira

Entry Description:

The building was conceived exploring with detail the potential of bioclimatic design. Therefore, the new school equipment should achieve the guidelines and goals of the Council of Santa Maria da Feira. Students, professors and other school staff can enjoy a high quality of life, inside a building that also can have the lowest environmental footprint.
Building performance was achieved by the optimization of the land setting, shapes, interior layout design and constructive systems. The building facades integrate passive solar systems, known as Trombe Wall and Solar Wall. These two passive solar systems assure indoor air quality by simultaneously allowing ventilation and promoting the heating and cooling on all teaching rooms and working areas. In the design process the use of natural light was considerably regarded inside, which reduced the use of artificial lighting.
Our approach covered also the outdoor spaces, bearing in mind the concept of sustainable landscape design. Besides a shadow area with trees, the solution includes an area of natural meadow which contributes to the propagation of endemic plants and biodiversity. This improves soil structure, and less water consumption to its maintenance. On a daily basis, these outdoor spaces could work as a new ground to promote actions on environmental education inside school activities.
Concluding, all these strategies combined and jointed allow a significant reduction of all the building energy and water needs. Inside a building with an exclusively daytime occupation the use of these systems will be sufficient to assure the interior comfort needs of its users.

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