Entry Title: " aerieLOFT"
Category: Professional, Residential|Concept
Designer(s): "Martin Liefhebber" "Rico Law"

Entry Description:

A common native wood to Ontario. A ribbed overlapping easten white cedar plank roof wall gives aerieloft its dominant shape. The opposing open floor to ceiling screen wall brings the outside in and expands the limited space, creating an interior environment that is fully immersed in nature. Too often in our attempts to be comfortable, we destroy the place where we go to seek refuge and sanctuary. We only have to go as far as our backyard to be in the natural world. When we go further into the Canadian Shield, we do not want to simply recreate what we have left behind. By using local natural materials, by thinking small and tall, by defining what is essential for our comfort, then we provide for what we need and not design to what is available.

All natural. All wood. All green. Easter white cedar is a plentiful, common native wood to Ontario. Its special oils make it resistant to rot, moisture and insects. It is harvested and supplied locally. It is 100% biodegradable. It is lightweight to transport, all of which minimizes the carbon footprint. It is a product that allows us to be in the natural world and at the same time protects that world.

About the Company:


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