Entry Title: " Living Home C6.1, Van Nuys, CA"
Category: Professional, Residential
Designer(s): Steve Glenn, Amy Sims, Alan Hotchkiss, Peter Matthews, Margaret Pigman, Julien Bagmard, Anthony Vardat, Marcia Spano, Brittan Allison, Malini Foobalan.

Entry Description:

The C6 is the first production home to feature Cradle-to-Cradle inspired materials and a LEED Platinum level environmental program. It was designed as part of a new partnership with Make It Right, a nonprofit founded by Brad Pitt and renowned architect William McDonough to build 150 Cradle to Cradle inspired LEED Platinum homes in New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward, the neighborhood hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each C6 will help support the efforts of Make It Right.

The C6, built by Cavco, a nationwide leader in the systems building of prefabricated homes, is available in most states for $179,000 ($145/sf). The C6 can be fully constructed in less than two months and installed on-site in one day. Consumers can get complete information about the C6 and create a Virtual LivingHome C6, with their choice of finishes and fixtures, at www.livinghomes.net. LivingHomes has sold a number of C6s and the first to be permanently installed is in Los Angeles.

The C6 was designed by LivingHomes staff, and was inspired by the remarkable modern homes built by developer Joe Eichler throughout California in the 50s and 60s. Like many Eichler Homes, the C6 is organized around a courtyard that is accessible through a variety of openings and features an open floor plan that is ideal for outdoor/indoor lifestyles. Its size, 1,232 square feet, is well below the national average of 2,380 sf for new homes.

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