Entry Title: " Venus Project: a tetrapod"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): Takenaka Hirohiko, Masanori Ito

Entry Description:

1. Venus Project: a tetrapod, a construction of materials with weathering, is designed by the Japanese plastic artist Hirohiko Takenaka. "A tetrapod is an equipment which is accelerate to clean seaside environment and merge into the nature.
"The reason why I focused on the sea shore is that I think that the origin of life started from the shore where continually changing physical conditions, inorganic matter, organic matter, light and wave mix. So, since the sea hard to breath, I want the sea to breathe again. At first is re-purification of the life not promoted after having the sea breathe deeply?" he says.

2. This idea brings an unprecedented effect from two aspect, the material and the action.
This tetrapod is constructed weathered for about 50 years. An irregularity by weathering helps to inhabit for marine organisms, the coral, shellfish and microorganisms and to accelerate gas exchange between air-sea interface by the wave and wind, then to provide oxygen in the seawater which is essential material for marine biology.

3. This entry take the environment into account in the earlier point of composition by materials with weathering. If since the activity that consisted in the place was stopped, the present condition occured, the existence in the place and neighborhood probably helps the place in thinking about a design, doesn't it?
This project is to rebirth a new globe from now on for hundreds of millions of years. The result is that the Venus reborn from sea foam in the shore and changes the former earth for hundreds of millions of years. This conceptual project is a challenge approaching a mystery of Life's origin and ought to be knowing the contribution in conjunction with the life by the evolution of the design.

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