Entry Title: " Noti D.I.Y. Hanger packaging"
Category: Professional, Industrial Products
Designer(s): Art Director - Leo P. H. Chan Designer - Kobe So

Entry Description:

Noti is not just a T-shirt label but it is the attitude and urban lifestyle business designed to cater to the young generation international. Noti is a start up T-shirt label designed to encourage the youth to develop their own identity with sense and style. Noti is not just an online trendy fashion label, it is about the attitude.

After collected user experience from courier service, an apple-pie box structure tee packaging had been created for parcel post and shipping in order to provide the greatest protection along the way of parcel from most of the worst situation. An apple-pie shape tee packaging had been created for parcel post and shipping. Customer could also DIY to transform the T-shirt packaging into an eco-friendly hanger after receiving the parcel via Noti official e-commerce website.

Just a few easy steps with instructions printing on the strong structure apple-pie shape t-shirt packaging for courier, encourage customer to start taking the green action to achieve a better future. The aim of this green packaging is to turn the one-off T-shirt packaging into a functional wardrobe accessory in order to deliver the eco-friendly message to customer from the brand itself.

Besides the normal packaging, Noti fashion label could also launch seasonal editions of D.I.Y hanger packaging for sales
& marketing gimmick. Noti fans love to collect them as a series collection and use the D.I.Y hanger for their wardrobe.
This positive action leads a win-win situation, suggested customer to get used to sustainable & environmental friendly,
and Noti could also build their brand image from this D.I.Y Hanger Packaging.

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