Entry Title: " Sustainable Cardboard Tree"
Category: Professional, Other
Designer(s): Art Director - Leo P. H. Chan Designer - Kobe So

Entry Description:

It was a sustainable X'mas tree built for Hong Kong InnoCentre in 2012 December. In order to use the tree for next season, cardboards were cut in pieces as tree trucks and branches and built as a big 3D puzzle in layers that the flexible height could be fit in different location.

One side of each tree truck and branch card board were printed in green patterns for X'mas tree while the other side was printed in red and wood color as the tree would be built with reverse side of same cardboards and become a Cherry Blossom Tree for Chinese New Year in 2013 February.

Easy pin-up decorations had been applied, so for the rest of months, it could be an flexible in-door visual merchandise fit for any themes.

And the same tree had been set up again for 2013 X'mas and Chinese New Year in 2014 February.

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