Entry Title: " Use-Less/Action Installation"
Category: Professional, Other
Designer(s): Art Director - Leo P. H. Chan Designer - Kobe So, Jo Tsang

Entry Description:

Use-Less/Action Installation was an invited installation project held within Detour 2011 (a significant art, design and cultural development event happening every year in Hong Kong).

The aims of Use-Less/Action Installation was to empower to envision social awareness of individual responsibility and environmental protection. Two rooms were built while the first room called "USELESS" and the next room named "ACTION".

The USELESS room emphasis the pollution and waste created by individual and most of them (users) spending too much time on computer instead of taking action to explore the green environment around them. Vistiors first get into this room would be attracted by the computer placed in the middle of the room. However it was a broken computer and they would not notice there was a message under their chair, "Responsible for your shit". And he would not even explore every details on the green leaves covered on every walls around. It represented even you know all the green tips but never take action, it is useless and would only keep on producing waste. Suggest vistors to spend less time on computer but more on green action.

For the next ACTION room, 100 little pots of plant had been prepared in order for the vistors to write on their names on it, own the pots and take responsibility to their plants. During the 2 weeks exhibition period, they were suggested to keep coming back to the room watering their plants and even other dry-out pots in the ACTION room, representing it is our responsibility to take care the whole environment, because the environment belongs to everybody but not an individual. On the last day of exhibition, pot owners were requested to bring their plants back home and keep taking care of it. Suggest vistors to take green action now starting from this little responsibility.

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