Entry Title: " Catch Collection"
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): Creative Director - Leo P. H. Chan Designer - Kobe So, Lam Cheung

Entry Description:

Catch Collection included 5 pieces of residential product prototype: Catch the Light, Catch the Taste, Catch the Fruit, Catch the Sound, Catch the Green. It was a creative paper product project invited by Antalis Paper Company and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Inspired by hunting net, the CATCH collection features house-ware made from paper-wrapped wire interlaced to form into a piece of flimsy net which could be manipulated easily, allowing city dwellers to catch ones target in any shape. Through the collection, different elements of city life are connected; and it is time for the users to the slow down and catch every little precious moments in life.

In order to apply sustainability and functional user-centered experience flexibility to residential product, paper and metal wires formed the basic grid of the product. 14 inches x 14 inches square net grid form had been created in order to freely fold into different shapes for different purposes.

CATCH the Light a lighting design to brighten up your life in darkness.

CATCH the Taste a wineware to wrap a bottle of wine for easy grasping.

CATCH the Fruit a bowl for your favorite daily fruits in your fruity life.

CATCH the Sound an iPhone/iPod horn sharp amplifier to catch every music note.

CATCH the Green a trellis to support your table vine plant.

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