Entry Title: " LECOR"
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): "Fredrik Kjellgren", "Joakim Kaminsky", "Johan Brandström", "Yvonne Lohmann", "Pamela Paredes", "Jochim Haag", "Alexandra Agapie", "Margherita Castellani", "Josefina Högberg"

Entry Description:

We havedesigned a new office building for the steel manufacturer Lecor. The building is situated in Kunglv, 10 kilometers north of Gothenburg. Lecor manufacture advanced steel constructions and wanted to showcase their skills in their own building. This intention in combination with the opportunityto create a landmark building visible from the nearby highway,was the starting point of our design process.

On top, across the building, we further highlight and advertise the factorys steel operations by placing a conference room and an outdoor terrace enclosed in a long bridge of truss plant-steel construction. The lattice frame is metallic silver and the contained conference bridge is pastel green with large glass partitions along three of its sides.

Inside, the first floor of the building is divided into four main parts each withtheir own emphasised elements. The dining room at one endhas the forest view, then theres thechange-rooms, the main entrance with a spectacular steel staircaseandthe office area with a stairwellof glass and steel as well asyellow polished steel short cut spiral staircase.

We have worked with materials, colors and textures in various ways that can be associated with the steel industry and its traditions. The color pallet consists mostlyof soft pastels and whites. We haveadopted the principleof drapingeach room in a single colour.

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