Entry Title: " Greenboarder"
Category: Professional, Industrial Products
Designer(s): christian walzl adi linter diego brunato antonio lanzillo

Entry Description:

GREENBOARDER is a joint project from the company

KUNSTDNGER ltd of christian walzl and adi linter together with the

designer antonio lanzillo in milan. the partner for the technical

realization is the social cooperative for people with disabilities CLS

cooperativa sociale lavoro e solidariet in italy.

KUNSTDNGER presents GREENBOARDER, its new product

innovation in the field of mobile banner displays. GREENBOARDER

is a roll up display made of high-quality cardboard, fully recyclable,

transportable and storable. GREENBOARDER can be entirely used

as a communication medium. base and banner of the mobile

advertising display can be printed individually. Our customers can

use GREENBOARDER during events and campaigns in their POS

or in other locations to present their advertising message

adequately and effectively. the convincing production quality, the

complete personalizability and the quick set-up in 60 seconds

respond to the requirements for a universally applicable and

trendsetting advertising medium. GREENBOARDER scores with

low weight (about 2,5 kg), and can be used anywhere thanks to its

practical and space-saving packaging. the quick set-up requires

neither tools nor special craftsmanship.

GREENBOARDER is a roll up display that consists of different

parts: the base made of cardboard to fix the banner, the banner

that can be printed individually corresponding to the customers

requirements and the inter-joining poles made of cardboard to

which the printed banner is attached. GREENBOARDER is entirely

made of high-quality cardboard, which makes this product 100%

recyclable. the whole production as well as the print of the banner

are based on environmentally friendly techniques and materials.

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