Entry Title: " The Atlas Table"
Category: Professional, Residential Products|Other
Designer(s): Paul Dumond

Entry Description:

The adjectives strong and sustainable define the materials,
construction, purpose and life of this multi-purpose
dining/conference table. Sustainably-made in our off-grid,
Montana solar-powered shop from reclaimed materials, it is
destined to serve another lifetime.

Both the rustic, burled maple slab and steel bases were reclaimed.
The slab was rescued while on its way to the pulp mill and the
bases were reclaimed at the steel scrap shop.

All our domestic slabs are dated and naturally air-dried for at least
2-15 years to conserve energy. Each is carefully tested for
moisture before production. Live edges are preserved and pieces
are meticulously joined with exotic ebony butterfly detailing. To
avoid airborne, toxic fumes, each piece is hand-finished with
layers of bees wax and tung oil.

From rescue to delivery, transport is ganged to reduce the carbon
footprint. Our goal: Rescue. Renew. Re-invent.

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