Entry Title: " IED 40' - Eco-friendly, fast cruiser sailing yacht with flexible NACA airfoil rig."
Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): Diego Amadei

Entry Description:

IED 40' is an hybrid fast cruiser of 40 feet characterized by an eco-friendly concept where technology transfer is the basis of the creative process.
The yacht, built in bio-composite is characterized by the adoption of a Smart Wing rig. A system consisting of a semi-rigid wing with a NACA airfoil shape which allows excellent performance and a simple management to sail with a small crew.
The absence of fossil fuels is supported by a system of alternative energy generation that powers its auxiliary electric motor.
On board are installed a series of linear generators that produce electricity in conjunction with flexible solar panels placed on the wing.
We wanted to create a boat it is marked by a strong identity, with a style very marked and decided.
Personality and dynamism are the distinctive features that make it recognizable.
Refined and functional aesthetic described by taut and sculpted lines reinterprets the formal language,
The rational interior and exterior layout features and the use of technologies from other fields than
nautical indicate the attitude to quality and careful design, based on a transversal and concrete approach.
The use of natural materials and the possibility to customize the boat through 3d printed components give rise to a brand new concept of a sailing boat.
The intent of the project IED 40 'is to bring new life into a static market, outlining
new green business horizon.

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