Entry Title: " Darling Quarter"
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (fjmt)

Entry Description:

Darling Quarter is a true integration of urban design, architecture, and landscape architecture toward the creation of a public place within the city.
We have sought to enhance the joy and beauty of Darling Harbour, one of the most popular public places in Australia, and to do so in a way that imbues it with a sense of quality and permanence.
Darling Quarter is where the western edge of the city and the park meet and is celebrated in a series of defined public spaces, including a pedestrian boulevard, parklands, gateway, childrens playground, and activated edges lined with cafs and restaurants.
This is a very different type of office building in a very special location. It is an architecture of human scale, natural materials and of a warmth of character appropriate to this very public parkland location. The long gently curving faade defines and enhances the public realm with a warmth and transparency unusual in commercial buildings. The mullions are made of natural timber and irregularly spaced like rows of trees in a forest. Between these deep, profiled posts are adjustable timber louvres that control heat and glare, automatically adjusted in relation to the position of the sun. Importantly, this composed use of natural timber in layers behind very transparent glazing also creates a soft and warmth backdrop to the tree canopies of the parkland.
The curves of Tumbalong Park and a ribbon-like connection with the Darling Harbour waterfront determined the primary geometry of the architectural form. Split at its centre, the new buildings frame and define a new pedestrian street, the civic connector, that links south Darling Harbour via Bathurst Street to Town Hall and the very centre of the city.

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