Entry Title: " Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Headquarters"
Category: Professional, Industrial
Designer(s): Owner - Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Architect/Interior Designer - ZGF Architects LLP, Construction Manager - Bigelow Development Associates, General Contractor - MATT Construction, M/E/P, Security, Energy & Passive Design Engineer - WSP / Built Ecology, Structural Engineer - KPFF Consulting Engineers Civil Engineer - Stantec Consulting Services, Lighting Designer - David Nelson & Associates, Landscape - Van Atta Associates

Entry Description:

Environmental stewardship, preserving the integrity of the
surrounding environment, and crafting a sustainable, peaceful
workplace were among the primary goals in creating a new
headquarters for this philanthropic foundation. After nearly 70 years
of renting office space in and around Los Angeles, and due to
projected growth, this Foundations Board of Directors decided to
build a permanent home. Realizing the impact that new
construction can have on the environment, the owner committed to
using the selected site and the structures that would be added to
advance the understanding of sustainable design and construction
practices. The first of four buildings that will make up the campus
was completed in October 2012. The 22,240 SF, two-story, Phase I
office building includes offices (both private and open plan), a
reception area, meeting rooms, and a convenience kitchen with
casual seating. Planned to achieve the U.S. Green Buildings
Councils LEED-Platinum certification, the building is designed as a
net-zero energy facility. The building is positioned to respect the
sites natural slope and to enhance the experience of the native
hillside setting, while keeping the best possible solar orientation.
The architecture is the result of an artful encounter between nature
and technology. The structures simple, box-like form allows for
views out, while admitting optimum daylight to create a comfortable
and energy-efficient indoor environment. The split-face stone
cladding enhances that dialog by echoing the texture and color of
the local stone. The vivid exterior faade and landscape are
juxtaposed with a neutral interior color palette and materials.
Innovative systems include a passive downdraft system, solar
thermal heating, water cooled chiller, renewable energy,
daylighting, automated shading system, recycled water for toilets
and cooling tower, potable water conservation, debris basin,
preserved natural landscape, green roof, and permeable pavement.

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