Entry Title: " The Bullitt Center"
The Miller Hull Partnership
, United States
Category: Professional, Commercial services
Designer(s): Ron Rochon, Craig Curtis, Margaret Sprug, Steve Doub, Jim Hanford

Entry Description:

The six-story, 52,000-square-foot Bullitt Center is the nations first
urban commercial
targeting the ambitious goals of the Living Building Challenge.
Conceived of as a
prototype to demonstrate and inform future building projects, the
Bullitt Center is a
place for people to learn about green building and the
interconnectedness of sustainable
design in architecture, energy use, materials sourcing, government
policy and

The Bullitt Center is designed to achieve net-zero energy through
100% on-site renewable
energy derived from photovoltaic technology. Every material and
system was evaluated to
eliminate environmental toxins and on its contribution to the goal of
net zero energy.
Water needs are provided by harvested rainwater. Through the
transformation of an adjacent
street, the neighborhood gains valuable green space featuring native
plants, bio-swales
and pervious pavement to retain storm water runoff onsite.

Although designing to do more with less, the design team found
imaginative ways to express
the buildings core functions using a mix of existing and new
technologies, systems and
materials. Design moves contributing to sustainable design goals
include open concept
floor plates and operable floor-to- ceiling windows for maximum day
lighting and fresh
air; heavy-timber framing which was selected given its prominence as
a renewable regional
material offering strength, beauty and carbon sequestration;
incorporating an
irresistible staira transparent glass stairwell located on an outside
wall of the
building offering views to the city skyline and nearby mountains to
encourage occupants
to walk between floors instead of taking an energy drawing elevator;
fully automated
operable windows and exterior blinds which provide an interesting,
layered facade while
adjusting throughout the day; and most visibly, the overhanging
photovoltaic panel array
on the roof which provides all power for the building with anod to
Northwest regional
design vernacular.

About the Company:


* 2013 Green Dot Awards - 2nd Place Winner - Commercial services Category