Category: Professional, Concept
Designer(s): ONZ Architects Onat Öktem Zeynep Öktem Okan Can

Entry Description:

Ostim is an organized industrial region located in Ankara/Turkey. An Eco-Park for sustainable research and technology is planned for the region to promote sector stakeholders to compete in a global level and attain a position where they would export to the world new energy and environment technologies.

The primary design decision in Ostim Eco-Park was to create a pleasant sharing space for its users with minimum interference to the nature. The project, designed in the intersection of man-made and natural, aims to leave most of the site to the green therefore the hill in the site is used for housing offices, conference and workshop spaces in terraces underneath the green texture. The building situated on the south of the site is designed as a landmark for the area and is in close contact with the terrace structures in different levels. The terrace buildings offer a working environment intertwined with nature while the large spaces in front of them provide a suitable place for a wide range of activities like workshops or sustainability experiments.

Eco-Parks differ from other working environments by highlighting the importance of collaborations and exchange of ideas. It is very crucial for Eco-Park organizations to follow recent developments in the field, come together and develop new ideas and technologies for a more sustainable future. In this context, the project designed for Ostim Eco-Park encourages these collaborations both in urban and architectural scales, gives the opportunity to experiment and share vibrant developments and creates an inspiring working environment for the employees.

Ostim Eco-Park project incorporates various sustainable features in its design as well as measures for improved lighting, ventilation, heating, visual comfort and indoor air quality to ensure user satisfaction and efficacy.

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